Lithgow City Council has recently extended the timeframe for the community to have their say on the draft Hassans Walls Mountain Bike Trails Strategy.

The Lithgow Regional Economic Development Strategy 2018-2022 (REDS) identified that one of Lithgow’s key endowments is an abundance of natural and recreational amenities. One of the REDS key strategic directions is the prioritisation of liveability/lifestyle infrastructure and local place-making. A related priority action is the development of recreation infrastructure such as mountain bike trails.

A draft Mountain Bike Trails Strategy for Hassans Walls Reserve has now been developed with the assistance of recognised experts in the field. The draft strategy details the infrastructure trails requirements, and cost to develop 3 purpose-built mountain biking trails at Hassans Walls Reserve. These would be suitable for broader scale mountain biking super flow type events. These are geared to a wide range of riders – from elite to amateur racers as well as families, couples and groups of friends riding together.

With the trails finishing close to the Lithgow City Centre, it is anticipated that this can lead to increased spending locally by visitors.

The draft strategy is available for viewing at:

  • Council’s website:
  • Council Administration/Customer Service Centre 180 Mort St LITHGOW NSW 2790 Mon to Fri 8.15am-4.00pm;
  • Lithgow Library 157 Main St LITHGOW NSW 2790 Mon to Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-12pm;
  • Wallerawang Library Main St WALLERAWANG NSW 2845 Tues-Wed 10am-1pm, 2pm-6pm, Thurs-Fri 2pm-6pm, Sat 9am-12pm; and
  • Portland Library 65 Williwa St PORTLAND NSW 2847 Tues-Wed 10am-1pm, 2pm-6pm, Thurs-Fri 2pm -6pm, Sat 9am-12pm.

Should any person or group wish to make a submission on the draft strategy, it should be referenced “Draft Mountain Bike Strategy” in writing and be received by 4.30pm on 14 May 2021.

Submissions should be addressed to: Lithgow City Council, PO Box 19 LITHGOW NSW 2790, or emailed to

Following the exhibition period and the receipt of public comments, this matter will be reported back to Council.