After considering a report on potential flood impacts, Lithgow City Council has decided to temporarily remove the pedestrian-cycle bridge over Farmers Creek near Burton Street.

The bridge was installed in early 2021 as part of the Farmers Creek Masterplan enhancement works to provide a pedestrian and cycle link along Farmers Creek. Following concerns that the bridge might worsen localised flooding, Council sought advice about flooding in the locality. This advice drew from flood modelling that was not available when the bridge was approved. It was found that in less frequent 1 in 50-year and 1 in 100-year rainfall events, this bridge may cause higher flood levels and impact some local properties.

“Because of the modelling that Council has undertaken for this water body, we now have more understanding about flooding for a range of more extensive storm events. Having received the advice, Council is being pro-active to protect the community by temporarily removing the bridge and quickly resolving the issue.” said Mayor Ray Thompson. “Council understands that there will be some inconvenience for people who have taken to using this bridge however our first concern was to make sure that surrounding properties and people are not impacted, no matter how small the risk.”

“It is our intention to explore with the flood and engineering experts, changes to the bridge height and balustrade design. We will also consider if re-shaping of the surrounding creek could eliminate flooding impact. Once the re-design is complete, Council will meet with local residents before it is re-installed.”

“The bridge will be removed in the next few days. A firm timeline will for re-installation will be known shortly, but Council certainly commits to the works being a priority. “