For the period of 12, 13 and 14th September 2021, Lithgow will be hosting its own pop-up COVID-19 vaccination clinic, operated by the Australian Defence Force. 

Information just released by NSW Police Force has confirmed that for the period of the 12th to the 14th September 2021, Lithgow will host a pop-up vaccination clinic, operated by the Australian Defence Force. This clinic is a joint initiative by the NSW Police, ADF and the Department of Health. 

“Lithgow City Council and our local Police have been incredibly active in pressing all agencies for a pop-up vaccination hub in Lithgow”, said Lithgow City Council’s Mayor, Councillor Ray Thompson. “Both Councillors and staff alike have been advocating daily for this service to be provided to Lithgow residents, and I could not be more pleased that the NSW Police, ADF and the Department of Health have heard our calls and have accepted our request.” 

“Statistics show that local vaccination rates are not progressing at a rate we find acceptable, and we feel this is the result of a lack of local capacity to cater to demand”, said Mayor Thompson. “Our best chance of a return to normalcy is high rates of vaccination, so I strongly urge every resident to seize this opportunity and get vaccinated as early as possible. I thank all GPs, nurses and pharmacists for their continued service to date.” 

While this service will be offered from 12 – 14th September, other details such as location and times of operation are not yet known. Once these details become available, Council will promptly notify the community through all available means. 

Lithgow City Council will continue make every effort to work with NSW Health and NSW Police to best assist in keeping our community safe and informed. It is most important that all residents comply with health orders, maintain all health safeguards and get vaccinated as soon as practicable.