Lithgow Council has provided an update on the closure of Browns Gap Road, which was caused by the risk of rock slides caused by rainfall.

Experts have been engaged to establish the geotechnical stability of the escarpment and determine if it is safe to reopen. Unfortunately, the widespread rainfall delayed this next step because of a shortage of geotechnical consultants to conduct this work.

The studies will involve both surveyors on the road and escarpment, and a drone to complete comprehensive aerial imaging. The drone will map the face of the escarpment and conclusively determine whether there has been any movement since the last survey.

The work is weather dependent and may be postponed should inclement conditions persist. Once the results of the survey are received by Council, an informed decision can be made as to what works need to occur and if the road is safe to be opened to the public. Unfortunately, this process of review may take some time and the road will not be reopened until it is proven safe to do so.