Lithgow City Council is pleased to announce the completion of a new shared path bridge over Farmers Creek near Chivers Close that forms a vital part of the Farmers Creek shared path network.

Council has recently completed the installation of a replacement bridge over Farmers Creek near Chivers Close that replaces an old and narrow timber bridge that was more than 40 years old.

The new 2.5-metre-wide bridge is suitable for pedestrians and cyclists and connects Chivers Close with the shared path network that extends eastward along Farmers Creek to Lake Pillans and Blast Furnace.

“Council is very pleased that this further section of the shared path network is now completed,” said Lithgow City Council’s Mayor, Councillor Maree Statham. “Over recent years, and the past two years in particular, Council has considerably extended the shared pathway network. The Farmers Creek shared path network is a great community asset that aims to encourage healthy lifestyles and to encourage the community to use and appreciate Farmers Creek.”

“Over the course of the 2023/24 financial year, Council’s draft Operational Plan suggests work now commence to develop and implement a management plan for Farmers Creek,” continued Mayor Statham. “With this lovely new path, we now must focus our attention on ensuring the creek health and amenity is maintained. This project is joint funded by Council and WaterNSW and we thank them for their support.”

The shared pathway network has been a long-term project of Lithgow City Council. Further extensions, safety improvements and furniture installations will occur along the network in coming years as additional funding becomes available.