Residents are being encouraged to register to participate in the first ever national Water Night to be held across Australia on Thursday, 22 October 2020.

Lithgow City Council and not-for-profit water efficiency experts Smart Approved WaterMark are inviting residents to participate in the national water appreciation event to raise awareness around habitual water use and improve water mindfulness.

Water Night commences Thursday 22 October, during National Water Week. Residents are being asked to not use running water and to survive for one night on just one bucket of water for all household needs between 5pm and 5am (with the exception of drinking water, CovidSafe handwashing, religious purposes and flushing). Register now to participate in Water Night 2020 at

Smart Approved WaterMark’s research identified that Australians are all very much on auto-pilot when using water. The study shows that 55% of people say they are addicted to their taps and 63% think they could save more water than they do.

By limiting the use of taps for one night, Water Night highlights just how often we reach for our taps and how subconsciously it’s done. Being aware of how we use water helps to gain a whole new perspective on how we use and save water now and in the future.

For more information on Water Night, including access to tools and registration, visit

You can monitor your water use by signing up for MiWater. MiWater allows you to access your water meter data in near real time so you can see where and how much water is used around the home. To sign up for MiWater, please visit