On the evening of 24 August 2021, a minor landslip occurred on the Wolgan Road, adjacent to the Wolgan Gap. 

During the week commencing 23 August 2021, Lithgow was subject to a recorded 64.4 millimetres of rainfall. This necessitated the proactive closure of several roads across the region to best ensure the safety of motorists at the time. 

Staff were notified of a landslip on the Wolgan Road at approximately 6:45PM on the evening of Tuesday 24th August 2021. With a best practice risk assessment and mitigation plan in place, staff attended the site and worked for over four hours promptly to assess the nature of the fallen material and restore access to the Wolgan Valley. As a result of prior mitigation works which were conducted post-bushfire in January 2020, the landslip was minor in nature. 

However, to improve the stability of the Wolgan Gap and the underlying road pavement, in consultation with geotechnical experts, Lithgow City Council has developed a comprehensive suite of projects to increase motorist safety and improve the resilience of access to this remote community. 

The projects will involve the construction of a significant retaining wall to eliminate ongoing erosion in isolated areas, and the improve the resilience of the underlying road pavement in targeted locations. Additionally, the slopes of the Wolgan Gap will be comprehensively assessed, as it is on a bi-yearly basis, to ensure that any movement is acknowledged and addressed prior to large scale failure to the extent possible. This application will be made under the Australian Government ‘Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grants Program’. 

Lithgow City Council is committed to proactive risk assessment and intervention and feels that exceptional outcomes will be achieved through the assistance of the Federal Government under this program. For the benefit of our community, we hope for success with this application. Any letters of support for this project, by those who live, work, or frequently travel to the area, would be gratefully received, and will be included alongside the application made.