In collaboration with the NSW Government and local contractors, Lithgow City Council continues to devote considerable resources to the construction of a detour route for the Wolgan Road. This work is occurring in response to the considerable instability of rock faces in the Wolgan Gap, which have been affected by built up water pressure caused by the rainfall the past 18 months.

“Council staff and our contractors are working 7 days a week to have this route operating as quickly as possible,” said Lithgow City Council’s Mayor, Councillor Maree Statham. “The terrain is particularly steep and challenging, and for this reason, two-wheel drive access will not be immediately available. Some residents only have two -wheel drive vehicles though and these are down in the valley. They want to be able to use their vehicles to move beyond the valley.” 

“With this in mind, Lithgow City Council has resolved to liaise with the government and seek financial assistance to retrieve two-wheel drive vehicles,” continued Mayor Statham. “Council has arranged a contractor to complete this work, at a cost of $1,000 per vehicle. We hope that this assistance can be given but if not,  the Council has resolved to fund this.”

The Council formally advises the public of the intention to provide financial assistance to each owner of a two wheel drive. The amount of assistance will be $1000 for each vehicle. Though the total cost is yet to be determined, it could be more than $25 000. This advice is required to be given under  Section 356 of the Local Government Act. Any person wishing to make a submission about this proposal should email within 28 days to