Lithgow’s Newest Australians Welcomed

Lithgow City Council welcomed nine new Australian Citizens at its latest Citizenship Ceremony despite the restrictions of Covid 19.

The ceremony was held on 5 August 2020 and saw the Hon. Andrew Gee Member for Calare and Mayor, Councillor Ray Thompson welcome new citizens to Australia and the Lithgow Local Government area as they completed the final stage in becoming an Australian Citizen.

The family and friends of the new citizens partook in a less than traditional ceremony whilst complying with the Covid 19 measures which staff had in place for their safety.

Minister Andrew Gee and Mayor Thompson welcomed:

  • Eileen Dodd
  • Iain Black
  • Mark Campbell
  • Gary Cooke
  • Bruce Hargrave
  • Marian Jerga
  • Lucie Lebrunet
  • Devan Oosthuizen
  • Geraldine Stieda

It was a great honour to have the Hon. Andrew Gee preside over the ceremony.  It was an even greater honour for not only myself but the new citizens to have him attend.


Marian Jerga, Mayor Ray Thompson, Lucie Lebrunet, Gary Cooke, Bruce Hargrave, Devan Oosthuizen, Iain Black, Andrew Gee, Eileen Dodd, Mark Campbell.