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Best Value Procurement


At Lithgow City Council, we are committed to achieving the best value for our community through transparent, fair, and responsible procurement practices. Our approach is designed to ensure compliance with legislation, support local businesses, and promote sustainable and ethical procurement.

Purchasing Thresholds

To ensure best value, we follow specific quotation requirements for different purchasing value thresholds, as outlined in our Purchasing & Contracting Standard Working Procedure (SWP). These thresholds dictating the number of quotations required or when a full tender process is necessary. This structured framework not only ensures adherence to regulatory and best practice standards but also supports Council’s commitment to securing optimal value in its procurement operations.

Tendering Process

Our Tendering SWP details the procedures for open and transparent tendering, ensuring that all businesses have the opportunity to work with Lithgow City Council. Similarly, our Tendering Policy outlines our structured tendering process, designed to ensure equal opportunities for all suppliers and to meet legislative requirements. It specifies when and how tenders are to be called, evaluated and awarded, underlining our commitment to integrity, fairness and ethical procurement practices.

Local Procurement Policy

Supporting local businesses is a key part of our procurement strategy. Our Local Procurement Policy outlines how we give preference to local suppliers where possible, contributing to the economic vitality of our community by balancing competitive pricing with community benefits.

Statement of Business Ethics

Our Statement of Business Ethics defines the ethical standards expected in all business dealings with Lithgow City Council. It is a cornerstone of our procurement practices, ensuring integrity and fairness for all parties involved.

Fraud and Corruption Control

Lithgow City Council integrates robust fraud controls within its procurement processes to ensure best value procurement. Our Fraud and Corruption Control Policy outlines a proactive stance towards fraud prevention, detection, and response. This includes clear reporting mechanisms, responsibilities for all council officials, and adherence to relevant legal and ethical standards. By maintaining high levels of transparency and integrity, Lithgow City Council aims to safeguard against fraudulent activities, thereby ensuring that procurement activities meet the best value for the community and comply with legislative requirements.