Changing of Business and Industrial Zones to Employment Zones

Employment zones commence within the Lithgow Local Environmental Plan 2014 on the 26 April 2023. From 26 April 2023, all documents (other than a state environmental planning policy) that make reference to a former zone under an environmental planning policy is taken to include a reference to a new zone under the environmental planning instrument.

Refer to the table below to see how all Business and Industrial zones are being replaced by Employment zones below:


Former Zones (prior to 26/04/2023) New Zones (as of 26/04/2023)

B1 Neighbourhood Centre

B2 Local Centre

E1 Local Centre
B4 Mixed Use MU1 Mixed Use

B6 Enterprise Corridor

B7 Business Park

E3 Productivity Support

IN1 General Industrial

IN2 Light Industrial

E4 General Industrial
IN3 Heavy Industrial E5 Heavy Industrial



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