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Food Organics and Garden Organics Waste Service

Waste Management

General information regarding the management of Council’s waste facilities.


Waste News & Events

Latest Waste News and Events

Waste Facilities

Find out what you can dispose of and hours of operation

Bulky waste

Bulky waste

Register for bulky waste collection days.

Green waste

Green waste

Register for green waste collection days.

Kerbside bins

Weekly collection of 240 litre garbage bins for waste and a separate garbage bin for recycling that is collected every other week.

Kerbside Waste Collection Calendar

Find out what days your bins are collected and dates for bulky and green waste collections

Recycling Locations in Lithgow LGA

Find out where to take your recyclable items

Waste Education

Education programs designed to encourage resource recovery

fees and charges for lithgow waste

Lithgow Solid Waste facility fees and charges

Fees and charges for current financial year


Handling and disposal of Asbestos in Lithgow LGA

Commercial recycling

Commercial garbage and recycling

Council provides a weekly service for commercial garbage and bi-weekly for recycling



What items are included and details of the e-waste service process

Container Deposit Scheme

“Return and Earn” commenced in NSW on 1 December 2017.

Mattresses and Tyres

How to dispose of old mattresses and tyres

household chemicals

Household chemical cleanup

Lithgow City Council run an annual Household Chemical Cleanout service for residents

Aerial photo of Lithgow

Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy 2022-2026