Mayor Ray Thompson

Currently sitting his first term as Mayor, and third term as a Councillor, Councillor Thompson is the chair of a number of Council committees, with a special interest in those relating to sporting and recreation including the Sports advisory, and aquatic centre. Other committees include Lithgow Aged Care and LINC.


Clr Ray Thompson

Deputy Mayor Wayne McAndrew

Councillor Wayne McAndrew has lived in the area all his life and believes it is privilege and an honour to be elected for his fourth term as a Lithgow City Councillor to represent this wonderful area.

Encouraging business to our area to create jobs and protecting our existing businesses and industries, particularly coal mining and power generation are at the forefront of Wayne’s aspirations for our Local Government Area. Wayne will continue to support the hospital and aged care facilities as well as the promotion of tourism. Lobbying for NBN coverage in our area and a sewerage treatment plant for Cullen Bullen are other areas of key interest to Councillor McAndrew for this term of Council.

Councillor McAndrew has been involved with a number of local organisations including:

  • Graduate Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Public and Private Hospital care
  • Aged Care
  • Community Health
  • Junior Rugby League


Clr Wayne McAndrew

Councillor Cassandra Coleman

Councillor Cassandra Coleman was born and raised in Lithgow. She has lived in Portland for the past 21 years where she raised her daughters Katie and Rose.

Currently the President of Australian Local Government Women Association of NSW, Cassandra is working towards addressing the gender imbalance and relishing the opportunity to work with women with many different backgrounds and experiences.

In addition to working at Revenue NSW , Cassandra is a Central Councillor for the Public Service Association, and works hard to protect the entitlements and rights of the members.

When asked about her aspirations for our Local Government Area, Councillor Coleman responded “The area is changing, and our ways of doing business as a council need to evolve to support positive change. We need new approaches to achieve sustainable job creation, to ensure security and safety for local families, and to deliver ongoing and effective community services.”

Councillor Coleman has worked hard for the community advocating and making a difference. She has previously volunteered for a number of community organisations such as Lithgow Show Society, Portland Art Society, Country Women Association.


Clr Cassandra Coleman

Councillor Deanna Goodsell


Councillor Darryl Goodwin


Councillor Stephen Lesslie


Clr Steven Lesslie

Councillor Steve Ring

Councillor Steve Ring came to the local area since October 1987 and has been the manager of Hartley Historic Site since that time.

He has been involved with a number of local organisations including:

  • A member of Council’s Tourism and Heritage committees
  • Lithgow Museum Network and
  • P & C's Committees for both Portland Central and St Josephs Portland

Councillor Ring has received Two NSW National Trust Awards, for Conservation and Adaptive Reuse and a highly commended for a heritage Development Control Plan.


Clr Steve Ring

Councillor Joe Smith

Cl Joe Smith

Councillor Maree Statham

Elected to Council in 2012, Councillor Statham was elected as Mayor from 2012 to 2016.  Councillor Statham is a prominent business owner in the Local Government Area as well as being a dedicated Councillor. Councillor Statham is Chair on many Council Committee’s and has been an active member of many community committees over the years, some include;

  • Past Chairperson of Portland Art Society – 20 years
  • Past President Portland Wallerawang Inner Wheel – 6 years
  • Past Chairperson Fundraising Committee for Paraolympics – 12 Years
  • Meadow Flat Country Women’s Association – Past Secretary
  • Meadow Flat Progress Association – Past Secretary/Treasurer
  • Meadow Flat P & C – Past Vice President
  • Lithgow Little Athletics Committee
  • Bathurst Little Athletics Committee
  • Bathurst Turf Club
  • All Saints Art Committee

Councillor Statham has been volunteering and raising money for charity for over 45 years and is passionate about progressing the Lithgow Local Government Area whilst improving the area for the Youth.