Strategic Plans and Reports

On 4 June 2012 Council resolved to adopt the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework suite of documents following extensive community consultation.  As part of this process Our Place…Our Future Community Strategic Plan 2025 was developed.  This plan established an overarching framework based on the community’s main priorities and aspirations for the future of our area.

At the commencement of its term of office each new Council is required to review the Community Strategic Plan.  The Community Strategic Plan 2013-2026 is the result of this review.  The plan has been updated in line with Councillors conversations with the community and suggested changes by the Division of Local Government.  The Community Strategic Plan 2013-2026 was adopted by Council on 6 May 2013.  


Combined Delivery Program 2013-2017 & Operations Plan 2016-2017

The Delivery Program 2013-2017 and Operational Plan 2016-2017 is a document that is required by the Local Government Act 1993 to identify “the Council’s activities for at least the current Council’s four year term of office; and the Council’s revenue policy for the next year”.

The Draft Operational Plan 2015-2016 achieves these requirements and builds upon last year's Plan to incorporate the strategies from the Community Strategic Plan 2026.


Long Term Financial Plan

The financial modeling supporting the Long Term Financial Plan is used to forecast the Councils financial future over 10 years. The Strategy is a tool which provides for decision making and problem solving, enabling decisions to be made on how to best achieve the Council’s corporate objectives while addressing its long term financial challenges. The Long Term Financial Plan is not intended as a document to indicate what services or proposals should be allocated funds, but rather it addresses areas that impact on Council’s ability to fund its services and capital works whilst maintaining financial sustainability.

Long Term Financial Plan

Strategic Asset Management Plan

Lithgow City Council has a responsibility to provide an extensive range of services to the community, and these services rely on the acquisition of assets. These assets in turn need to be operated effectively and maintained in a satisfactory condition, all of which requires resources. This Strategic Asset Management Plan sets the framework for how Lithgow City Council intends on setting directions to determine how assets should be operated, maintained, acquired and disposed of over the next ten (10) years.


Workforce Strategy

The purpose of the Workforce Strategy is to ensure that strategies are put in place to shape the workforce and provide the capabilities to deliver Council’s Community Strategic Plan vision and objectives. Our Workforce strategies will both enhance the effectiveness of the workforce overall and attract, recruit, develop, retain and re-engage valued and skilled employees.