Union Theatre

Union Theatre: Bridge Street Lithgow

Located in the centre of town the Union Theatre can seat 300 theatre style with additional seating for 69 on the balcony level.

The theatre has a permanent stage with theatre drapes side wings and backstage area.

Technical facilities include a projection screen, lighting and audio system.

The Union Theatre has a domestic kitchen, foyer area and is easy walking distance from Lithgow Railway Station. Within walking distance of restaurants, licensed Club and cafes the Union Theatre is an ideal meeting venue in the centre of town.

 Hiring Fees

The hiring Fee is to be determined by Council in consultation with the Union Theatre Management Committee. Should there be a variation in the hiring fees, the booking is accepted and before the function is held, the hirer shall be notified of the variation and will be required to pay any increase prior to the function being held.

Finishing Time

All functions must cease at 12 midnight and the Hall vacated by 2.00am. The Hall must be cleaned and all rubbish and belongings removed by 2.00am. The hirer is not permitted to return to the Hall at a later time to clean up.

Alcoholic Beverage

The selling of any spirituous or other alcoholic beverages in a public hall is not permitted. No person shall take spirituous or other alcoholic beverages into a public hall unless permission is obtained as follows:

For a public function, such as a ball, etc., permission must be obtained from the Council and application for this purpose must be obtained from the Officer-in-Charge of Lithgow Police Station.
For a private function such as a wedding reception or party, etc., it is advisable to obtain a "Permit to Consume Alcohol on a Council Premises" from the licensing Sergeant at Lithgow Policy Station.

Cancellation of Bookings

Council reserves the right to cancel bookings for dancing classes, rehearsals, etc., up until three (3) weeks prior to the date of the function should the functions interfere with another booking for the same date.

The hirer may cancel any booking by notice in writing to the Booking Officer at least 21 days before the date of the booking, in which case the Council may refund the deposit but if less than 21 days notice is given then the hirer shall forfeit the deposit. Should less than seven (7) days notice be given, Council may claim the full amount of the hiring fee.

Security Bond

A security bond is required for all bookings for weddings, dances, cabarets, dinners, meetings, concerts, etc., payable with the balance of the hiring. This bond is refundable upon the Hall being left in a clean and tidy condition at the discretion of the Caretaker of the person taking the booking on Council’s behalf. The bond will be posted out to the hirer in due course.

Number of Persons Attending Funcions

The number of person attending for weddings, dances, cabarets, dinners, meetings, concerts, etc., is restricted to 330 maximum including children.

That the hirer will indemnify the Council in relation to breach of the copyright act or any other related legislation.

Preparation, Decorating, Catering and Cleaning

All tables and chairs used by the hirer must be cleaned and packed away property.
Under no circumstances must decorations be fitted in such a way as to cause damage to the building of fittings. Repairs for any damage will be a charge against the hirer.
Lights and heaters shall be turned of and all windows and doors locked after the function.
All rubbish shall be removed from the hall and grounds (including carpark and surrounding areas).


Smoking is not permitted in the Hall.

Conduct of Persons Attending Functions

The hirer will be held responsible for the conduct of person attending the function and should damage be caused by any person during the function, the cost or repairs or replacement will be made a charge against the hirer. Where, in the opinion of Council, the hirer has not exercised reasonable control over the persons attending the function, future bookings by the hirer may be refused and bookings already made may be cancelled.

The applicant/s, whose name appears on the Application for Hire form, will be the responsible person/s for opening and locking up the Hall on behalf of Council.

Suitable Containers for Drinks

Ice is to be kept in suitable watertight containers and it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that those attending the function are aware of this Condition. Plastic bags are not permitted. Kegs are to be kept in the kitchen or on the outside landing or in the case of the Main Hall, in the taproom.


Lithgow City Council’s Insurance Policy does not cover any property (other than Council property) which is lost, stolen or damaged on the premises. Council can not be held responsible for any accidents or mishaps that may occur during the function, and therefore strongly recommends that all users organise their own insurance. 

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