Council moves to support Delivery Program and Draft Operational Plan

The Council endorsed for public exhibition the draft 2024/25 Operational Plan which was created after a period of community consultation between December 2023 and February 2024. The draft Plan sets out the projects and activities which the council commits to undertaking over the 2024/25 financial year. A large program of works will be delivered. Also, a balance budget will be achieved with all financial benchmarks achieved. The draft Operational Plan will go on public exhibition during May before it can be returned to Council for adoption in June.

Draft Lithgow Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan

The draft Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan (LICP) defines how the fixed levy on new housing developments in the Lithgow area will be used as a funding pool for community infrastructure projects. An estimated budget of $600,000 in the program for the coming year will fund works including a new toilet block in Queen Elizabeth Park, a kerbside accessibility program for prams and wheelchairs, updates to the Union Theatre, streetside planting programs and design and planning for shared pathways and playgrounds along with several other projects. A draft of the plan was endorsed by the Council for public exhibition.

 Better Rail for Lithgow

There has been some encouragement from Central NSW Transport advocacy groups for the Bathurst Bullet line being extended to depart from Orange. The Council questioned how this may impact Lithgow residents who already struggle to find a seat on this express passenger train to Sydney. The Council moved to write to the Minister for Transport to oppose any considering of extending the line, in its current form, and to advocate for the development of Lithgow Station as a terminus for both the electrified city line and an enhanced and expanded Central West service that benefits other cities west of Lithgow. The Council also intends to advocate for more frequent electric rail services between Lithgow and Sydney.

 Installation of EV chargers

Lithgow City Council is working closely with the NRMA to facilitate the building of four electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the Eskbank Street Carpark. To do so the Council has approved the creation of an easement within the Eskbank Street Car Park to install the necessary electrical infrastructure required for the chargers. The installation of these charging stations is one step toward the Council implementing their EV strategy. This project is being entirely funded by the NRMA. It is envisaged that the occupants of these EVs will pause in the city, spending money in support of local businesses and activation the city centre.

 Lithgow Hospital staffing levels

The Council also moved to seek advice from the Nepean Blue Mountains Health District about any staffing resource issues that may exist at Lithgow Hospital after concerns were raised about staffing levels at critical times. Quality health services are essential for a thriving community and Lithgow Council will continue to advocate for acceptable service levels at the local hospital particularly during peak times.

 Fee Reduction for Lithgow Workies Wolves

The Council continues to support local sporting groups as an essential element in promoting healthy lifestyles and fostering community spirit. After receiving representations from the Lithgow Workies Wolves Senior Rugby League Club, the Council moved to approve a sporting grounds facility use fee reduction for the Wolves, for their 2023 season and extend the reduction into the 2024 season fees. This fee reduction is emblematic of Lithgow Council’s commitment to supporting community organisations through financial assistance to ensure the long term viability of our local sports clubs.

 Replacement of the Red Hill Road Bridge

The NSW Fixing Country Bridges Program is a State-funded grant that supports regional Councils to replace wooden bridges which have passed their usable life. The Council moved to authorise the execution of a contract for the demolition and replacement of the Red Hill Road Bridge in Upper Turon. This work continues a suite of projects replacing selected bridges across the city.

 Council Continues improvements at Lake Pillans

The Lake Pillans wetlands continues to be developed as relaxing central recreational and outdoor space. To increase public utility of the wetlands and the nearby Blast Furnace Park, Lithgow Council is progressing the next stage of works to be undertaken at Lake Pillans. Works include the construction of asphalt carparks, the widening of existing concrete pathways, improvements to pathways and landscaping work to make the park more accessible and appealing.

 Extension of Waste Services Contracts

The Council approved an extension of the existing contract for Waste Services to JR Richards. After Council identified that recent unforeseen changes to the NSW Local Government (General) legislation presented complications for Lithgow Council entering a new tendering process, the extension was deemed necessary to maintain waste services for the city until the end of the existing contract. This action has been taken to ensure that Lithgow’s residents have access to consistent waste services until the end of 2026. In the interim the Council will commence a new tendering process for a longer contract.

Appointments to committees

The Council also endorsed the appointment of new community members across a range of Council Committees. Several new members were appointed to the Women’s Advisory Committee. Some younger members of our community were appointed to the Lithgow Youth Council, replacing previous members who have moved onto the next stages of their lives. A number of first nations representatives have also been appointed to the Community Development Committee, Environmental Advisory Committee and the Women’s Advisory Committee as part of the Council’s commitment to having First Nations Representation across Council Committee groups.

 Reflux Valves

The proposed rebate scheme for the installation of reflux valves on properties at higher risk from back-flowing sewage systems was approved by the Council. The rebate will support residents in eligible properties to install the reflux valve on their properties at which point they will be able to request a rebate up to $750. More information will be made available about how eligible residents can claim a rebate in the coming months.

The Council meeting can be viewed, and the full reports accessed, online at

The next council meeting will take place on Monday, 27 May at 6pm in the Council Chambers, 180 Mort Street, Lithgow.