Lithgow Council has expressed disappointment about the announcement that National Australia Bank (NAB) intends to close their Lithgow branch located at 155 Main Street without discussion or consultation with residents.

On the announcement of the closure Mayor Statham said “Lithgow Council feels for the residents and employees of the NAB who will be impacted by this closure. The people of Lithgow have supported NAB through a long and loyal history in Lithgow. To have this support viewed by the bank as not meaning anything is an insult to our residents.”

This closure further impacts on the critical services required to service the Lithgow region and is another example of regional NSW suffering a reduction in services ‘by a thousand cuts’ with far-reaching impacts for this community and economy.” said Mayor Statham.

The Council is aware that many community members do not do online or phone banking and still rely heavily on face-to-face banking services. Personal, face to face banking is essential for many members of this community, particularly the vulnerable and marginalised or those with limited digital literacy.

Mayor Statham also said NAB has assured her that “none of the existing staff will be out of employment, and that they have been offered to work from home or to relocate to another branch”.