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Notice of commencement of building or subdivision

This form is to be used to notify Council of the commencement of building or subdivision works and the appointment of a principal certifying authority.

Under Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979
Sections 81A (2)(b)(iii) or (c) or 4 (b) or (c)86(i) and (2)

Notification of Commencement

Development Details

Address of land where development is being undertaken
Type of work

Consent Details

Principle Certifying Authority

Are you using a private certifier? *

Compliance Certifying Authority

Have all conditions required to be satisfied prior to commencement of work been undertaken?
eg Sediment controls, on-site toilet facilities, signage, Section 94A contributions

Home Building Act 1989 Requirements

Principal Certifying Authortiy has been advised of the requirements of Cl 78C of the Regulation
Submission of Home Owners Warranty Insurance or Owner Builders Permits etc

Electronic confirmation

I confirm the information is correct *