On Monday 11 March Lithgow City Council held an Extraordinary Meeting to discuss the determination of a third councillor to join the panel for the process of the recruiting a new General Manager to replace outgoing Lithgow City Council General Manager Mr. Craig Buttler. After discussing potential candidates, the council moved to appoint Councillor Col O’Connor to the panel.

Councillor O’Connor joins Deputy Mayor Councillor Darryl Goodwin, and Mayor Maree Statham on the panel that will short list potential candidates for the role of General Manager. This is an important process, and the Council are undertaking best practice to ensure an appropriate candidate is selected to steadily guide our city into the future.

In speaking about his interest in this role, Councillor O’Connor stated “I have over 40 years’ experience working with councils which has given me a deep insight to what the issues are. He also added that he is “heavily committed to ensuring that Lithgow Council secures the best possible General Manager.”

The recruitment agency McArthur will work with the selection panel to identify and bring the shortlisted candidates for the role back before the full Council who will finalise the selection of a new General Manager in the coming months.