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Customer Service Charter and Standards

Our Commitment to You

The Customer Service Charter sets out our commitment to providing excellent customer service, as we aim to deliver a welcoming, consistent and positive customer experience on every interaction.

The Charter is supported by the Customer Service Standards. The Standards inform customers of the timeframes by which we will endeavour to respond to your request, and the levels of service you should expect from us. Lithgow City Council sees customer service as an organisational culture.

The community can expect staff to uphold our Customer Service principles:

  • We put the customer first
  • We are accountable
  • We demonstrate empathy
  • We plan and prioritise our work
  • We work collaboratively


We put the customer first

We are courteous, we strive to help and follow through on promises.
We consistently provide the customer with the best possible outcome.
We have a positive 'can-do' attitude.
this applies to both internal and external customers - we all serve customers.

We are accountableWe are personally responsible for our actions and we learn from mistakes.
We demonstrate empathy

We practice emotional intelligence (EQ) by actively listening to understand the customer's needs.
We are sensitive to customers perspectives and behaviours.
We work on improving our self-awareness and remaining calm.

We plan and prioritise our work

Managing our time through prioritisation of activities.
Being adaptable to change and managing the peaks and troughs of our workload.

We work collaborativelyWe work together as one organisation. Being respectful, inclusive and reliable team members.

Customer Service Charter

Customer Service Standards