Planning a clean out over summer? It is great to donate your unwanted items for others to use; however, to make sure your pre-loved goods have a second life, only donate good quality items.

If donating to charity stores, please make sure you take your items during opening hours. If the store is closed or their donation bins are full, please don’t leave items outside.

Instead, you can try rehoming or selling goods via local community platforms and online marketplaces. You can also bring items that are in good condition to the Reuse Shed, within the Resource Recovery Centre, at the Lithgow Solid Waste Facility. The donated items in the Reuse Shed are free for others to take and reuse.

The Lithgow Solid Waste Facility is at 68 Geordie Street, Lithgow and is open seven days, except for Christmas Day, from 8am until 4.45pm.

Broken, damaged or worn-out goods are not suitable for donation. You can dispose of items that can no longer be used at the Lithgow Solid Waste Facility or check Council’s bulky waste collection dates for 2024 at: