Lithgow City Council Mayor, Maree Statham has expressed extreme disappointment with the news that the Emirates One and Only Resort in the Wolgan Valley is to close for the fore-seeable future. The Mayor commented, “This closure will impact local workers and businesses. This clashes with the Council’s efforts to grow job opportunities, and strengthen businesses, so this is a very sad day.”

“The Emirates One and Only business Manager has said that the delivery of goods and services has proven too challenging. I acknowledge the difficulties because the road is very steep.” the Mayor said, “We heard just over a week ago that gas could not be delivered to the property.”

“We have offered to work with the business to continue to explore innovative ways to service their development with gas so it can re-start as soon as possible. “

Mayor Statham also said, “This closure is a clear demonstration of the protracted and significant effects of natural disasters throughout our region. The challenge for the Wolgan community will be particularly protracted. We are focused on supporting that community for years to come, until a new road is built and their lives are restored. Meanwhile, we call for more support for residents and businesses from all levels of government.”