Lithgow City Council is pleased to announce its support to the upcoming “Joblink Plus Fresh Produce Pop-up” which provides free distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables to those in need. The pop-up is taking place at Tony Luchetti Sportsground on Thursday, 4 July at 8:30am. Just bring your reusable shopping bags to collect a choice of fruits and vegetables.

Joblink Plus has partnered with Foodbank to organise pop-up events across their operational area, ensuring accessibility to nutritious food for community members facing food insecurity and supporting local communities.

The “Joblink Plus Fresh Produce Pop-up” event addresses immediate food needs and ties into broader community welfare and economic concerns, such as the cost of living. By providing free fresh produce to those in need, this type of initiative directly supports individuals and families facing food insecurity, helping to alleviate financial pressures associated with purchasing nutritious food.

This initiative highlights Joblink Plus’s commitment to making a positive impact in the communities it serves. Council welcomes and supports initiatives like this pop-up that not only meet immediate needs but also promote long-term community well-being and sustainability.