Keep an eye out for your new green bin. Green bins are being delivered to households with a kerbside bin service during January and February along with a kitchen caddy and information on how to use the new FOGO service.

Your green bin will be collected every week. This means that, every week, you will put out your green and red bins. Every other week, you will put out your green, red and yellow bins. Collections of your green bin start the week of 4 March 2024.

Your new green bin is a Food Organics and Garden Organics or ‘FOGO’ bin.  This means your green bin collects both food scraps and plant waste.  Not only can you put all your plant waste, including grass clippings, flowers, leaves, twigs, weeds and small branches into your green bin, you can also put in all your food scraps.  The green bin can take all your food scraps including meat, seafood, bones, shellfish shells, dairy food, bread, biscuits, cakes, fruit and vegetables.

The food and plants in your green bin will be sent for a greener future every week. They will be staying out of landfill and become professionally treated compost.  The FOGO bin also supports households with a home composting system by taking any food and plants that might be difficult to compost at home, such as bones and weeds.

For more information visit Council’s website at

The new greener green bin service provides households with a comprehensive composting system for food and plants and is supported by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) through ‘Go FOGO’ grant funding.