At the Ordinary Meeting of Lithgow City Council on 25 March 2024 the Council dealt with several important matters for the city.

Destination Action Plan

The Council resolved to exhibit the Plan for public review and comment, which is a strategic initiative aimed at promoting the sustainable growth of the visitor economy and tourism within the Lithgow Local Government Area. A key component of the plan is the development of a distinctive place brand, which is intended to attract visitors, tourism investment, new industries, and residents. The Destination Action Plan will be publicly exhibited during April.

Flood Risk Management Study and Plan

The Council adopted the Lithgow Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan (FRMSP) 2023. The FRMSP identifies the extent of the different flood risks for the Lithgow township and Marrangaroo. It recommends a range of actions to better manage current and future flood risks. With the successful adoption of the Lithgow FRMSP 2023, the council is now eligible to submit grant applications under the NSW Government administered Floodplain Management Program for the implementation of the flood management measures identified in the study and plan.

Proposed Study Visit to Latrobe Valley

Lithgow Council will participate in a study visit to the Latrobe Valley, Victoria, a region undergoing economic change similar to what Lithgow will face in coming years through the energy industry transition. The visit aims to learn from the experiences of six organisations involved in managing the transition in the Latrobe Valley. The study tour will provide an opportunity for councillors and staff to gain firsthand knowledge from those involved in      La Trobe’s transition management, including the Latrobe City Council, the Latrobe Valley Authority, Gippsland Tech School and the Gippsland Training Centre.

Kremer Park Grandstand

The Council moved to take a proposal for naming of the newly finished Kremer Park Grandstand to public exhibition for 28 days. The proposed name for the Kremer Park Grandstand is the “Gary (Snag) Taylor Grandstand” in honour of the long-time player, coach, sponsor and supporter of the Portland Colts football club.

Town Signage

A proposal was brought before the council which would see funding provided for the construction of new welcome signage at the entrances of Lithgow, Wallerawang and Portland.  The council moved to bring the designs and placement of the proposed signage before the operations committee.

Reflux Valve Rebate Fund

Council allocated $150,000 fund to be set aside for residents in locations of higher risk from back flowing sewage systems to pay for the private fitting of reflux valves on their properties. The reflux valves will reduce the risk of sewage entering properties when stormwater overloads sewer mains. The Council will establish an application system for the approval, inspection and payment of private plumbers to install the work to a maximum rebate of $750 rebate per property. More details about eligibility criteria will be made available in the coming months.

Sporting representation financial assistance

In sporting news, the Council has allocated funding of $300.00 each for local swimmers Alexander Evans and Charlies Evans to assist in the cost of their sporting representation in swimming. Additionally, Council allocated $300.00 to the local basketball team “the cream team” in financial assistance for their representation in national level basketball. The councillors were unanimous in their support of local sporting talent and the opportunities that this funding can create.

The Council meeting can be viewed, and the full reports accessed, online at

The next council meeting will take place on Monday, 22 April at 6pm in the Council Chambers, 180 Mort Street, Lithgow.