At the Ordinary Meeting of Lithgow City Council on 26 February 2024 the Council dealt with several important matters for the city.

The Council awarded a tender to local firm Central Industries for the demolition and reconstruction of the Charles Steet Road Bridge at Rydal. This will result in the value of $524,000 being revolved into the community. The work which is part of the NSW Government’s Fixing Country Bridges Program, sees another outdated bridge replaced with a new purpose-built structure.

The Council also considered a report on sewer management. The report highlighted the complex inter-relationship between sewage and stormwater systems and provided recommendations on how to reduce the risk of sewage flooding into properties. The Council will continue to focus on stormwater and sewer upgrade works in the vicinity of Cupro Street and Enfield Avenue. Working with the Central NSW Joint Organisation of Councils, the Council also resolved to use the services of specialist contractors for more smoke testing and sewer re-lining work additional to that which is already being undertaken by the Council.

The Council approved the purchase of a twin-system toilet amenities block for Saville Park in Portland. Now rolled out in several locations across the city, these automated toilet facilities are widely appreciated by the community and visitors.

A member of the public expressed concern because the Council is examining the risks being presented by large trees in Short Street Lithgow.  The Council agreed to undertake a review of policies relating to the management of street trees and verge gardens. This will ensure that a good balance is struck between risks, and the many benefits that trees bring to public spaces.

With the impending return of the Ironfest Makers Event later in April, the Council committed to assisting the event through a budget provision of $20,000. Council staff will meet with the organisers of the event to discuss assistance that could be provided.

The Union Theatre is one of the city’s best entertainment venues. It has recently undergone significant refurbishments with the installation of new seats and carpets in the theatre hall. The Council has approved other works, which will see the existing kitchen replaced with modern amenities.

The Lithgow Emerging Economies Plan (LEEP) is an ambitious strategy for growing and diversifying the local economy. The Council agreed to   establish a LEEP steering committee comprising key strategic industry partners. The Committee will initiate and oversee all LEEP projects to assist the economic transition of Lithgow. The Council also supported the many other activities that will be undertaken to communicate and engage with the local community and many other stakeholders so as to shape LEEP’s future direction.

The Council meeting can be viewed, and the full reports accessed, online at

The next council meeting will take place on Monday, 25 March at 7pm In the Council Chambers, 180 Mort Street, Lithgow.