Lithgow City Council is bringing the community’s attention to their opportunity to shape the future of the city. The draft Lithgow Emerging Economy Plan (also known as the LEEP) is in its final form and is available to the community for review and comment.

An information session will be held on Thursday 22 June at 6PM, at the WSU Lithgow Transformation Hub at the corner of Bridge Street and Mort Street, Lithgow. Please register to attend the information session at

“The ambition of LEEP is to re-shape, diversify and grow the city’s economy,” said Lithgow City Council’s Mayor, Councillor Maree Statham. “Last week I spoke of the fact that over 40% of the value added to the Lithgow economy comes from coal-based industries. Lithgow is unique for a variety of reasons though, and this presents several opportunities to strengthen the local economy.”

“Geographically, we’re located on the end of the electrified rail line, and at the point of intersect of three highways,” continued Mayor Statham. “This offers opportunity for strategic transport initiatives such as intermodals. Second, no other city in the central west is closer to the ports and markets of Sydney. There is also an abundance of electricity infrastructure, making Lithgow the best place for green energy generation. This city also has a skills base in industrial-like work, making advanced manufacturing a real opportunity for the future.”

“This is just a snapshot of some of Lithgow’s real opportunities. By now, all households should have received a flyer giving an overview of the LEEP,” finished Mayor Statham. “For more information on Lithgow’s strengths and opportunities, I also encourage everyone to visit”