Lithgow City Council is bringing the community’s attention to their opportunity to shape the future of the city. The draft Lithgow Emerging Economy Plan (also known as the LEEP) is in its final form and is available to the community for review and comment. The ambition of LEEP is to re-shape, diversify and grow the city’s economy.

“Today over 40% of the value added to the Lithgow economy comes from coal-based industries,” said Lithgow City Council’s Mayor, Councillor Maree Statham. “This community understands that the value of coal mining and thermal power generation will decrease because of a range of factors, including the commitments of governments to reduce Australia’s carbon emissions. Inevitably Lithgow’s economy will, as a result, be broadly disrupted.”

“Best practice tells us that we must not delay action until we are confronted with this disruption. We must act now to positively influence our future,” said Mayor Statham. “We must play to Lithgow’s identified strengths and opportunities to ensure a strong and resilient future. This is what the LEEP is all about.”

“I don’t underestimate the size of this challenge. The Council will be unable to do this alone. So, the role that other levels of government should also play is worthy of discussion. The Australian and NSW governments have both committed to stand with communities like Lithgow. Now it is time for real action to back up those commitments.”

“The Council has softly tested the LEEP document with the city’s key employers and investors – Thales, Greenspot, Energy Australia and Centennial Coal. The report was received well, with each organisation showing a clear commitment to working with the Council and the community to achieve the outcomes of the LEEP.”

“In the coming days, every household will receive a four-page flyer which gives further information,” finished Mayor Statham. “I also encourage everyone to visit, a new website which gives an opportunity to provide feedback and provides additional information.”

“Be assured, your suggestions will be considered before the report is endorsed by the Council.”

A community information session will also be held on Thursday 22 June at 6PM, at the WSU Lithgow Transformation Hub at the corner of Bridge Street and Mort Street, Lithgow. Please register to attend the information session at