March Community Update

Apr 12, 2023

A summary of business from the Council meeting

Lithgow City Council’s 2018 Sale of land in Barton Avenue, Wallerawang

The Council has addressed matters raised about the 2018 sale of 16.8ha of Council land at Barton Avenue, Wallerawang.
At the time of the sale, the Council was guided by legal advice about the sale process. They also – :

• Determined that there was not a case for holding the land because no public purpose was identified and the Council did not, at the time, undertake land development.
• Obtained independent valuation for the land and ensured that the value was achieved.
• Determined that the remaining 44ha of Council land south of the site retains a significant land bank for future development and continues to provide Council ownership around the current Wallerawang Indoor Sports Centre.

The purchaser’s concept (in 2017) included a school as well as residential lots. But that was a concept, and the Council did not resolve for the contract to require that the concept, including a school, be delivered in full.
The funds from the sale of the site were held for re-investment and have been re-invested into Council’s acquisition of a strategic site at South Bowenfels (at the rear of Lithgow Hospital) which is currently the subject of a DA by Lithgow Council for residential Subdivision.
Reports about this matter (from 2017 and March 2023). can be viewed on the Council’s website. .

Detailed Design and Construction of the West Bowenfels Sewerage Pumping Station Tender

Lithgow Council continues to deliver local infrastructure to support the city’s growth.

The South Bowenfels area of Lithgow has been planned by Council as an area for future residential development.  The Council currently has several sewerage pumping stations (SPS) throughout this area that service the existing residential land, however, the likely increase in population will require upgrades to the current systems The Council has undertaken a concept study and design for three sewerage pumping stations in the area based on anticipated loadings from future developments.  

The new West Bowenfels SPS will need to cope with flows from the existing developed areas, such as the Hillcrest and Landa Street developments, and the new developments to be completed in the West Bowenfels area in future with trunk mains connecting the areas to the new SPS.

Following a competitive tender process, the Council resolved to accept the tender for Keane Civic & Construction Pty Ltd for the detailed design and construction of the West Bowenfels Sewerage Pumping Station.

Lithgow Community Private Hospital Update

Lithgow Council was pleased to receive a report from the Lithgow Community Private (LCP) Hospital detailing recent progress in its negotiations with the local health district on a long-term sustainable arrangement, noting that LCP is continuing to operate as usual and day surgery activities are closer to pre-COVID levels.

In March, LCP commenced dermatological consultations and several new specialties are planned for coming months. While LCP has just received $66,000 State Government funding towards the replacement of its lung function machine it is acknowledged that there is a need to continue to push for funding for the replenishment of working funds lost during the COVID period.

The Council has maintained its current position to advocate for a long-term and viable working arrangement between the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District and Lithgow Community Private (LCP) Hospital to ensure its continuing operation. The council will also make representations to the incoming NSW Health Minister to request financial assistance to support LCP to return to pre-covid levels of available working funds.

Wolgan Valley Access Update

Since the closure of Wolgan Gap in November 2022, residents of the Wolgan Valley have had limited, often precarious and at times no access in or out of the Valley.  Council, its contractors and consultants have worked tirelessly round the clock to provide a serviceable access for residents and business to the Valley.   The Donkey Steps detour is almost complete with some final slope retention and creek crossing realignment works outstanding.   However, once re-opened this detour will be strictly limited to local residents and business use only – any other type of access, including sightseeing and tourist traffic will be denied.

The Council and residents of the Wolgan Valley have welcomed the announcement that considerable funding (current estimates are at least $30m is required) has been made available under the Natural Disaster Recovery Arrangements for an alternate access alignment to the Wolgan Valley.   This includes investigation, design and construction of a permanent alternate route suitable for all users. This will be a project that will take several years to complete.

Details of the access strategy can be found on Council’s website. .

Major Works Update

Sealing Program

  • Bathurst Street Lane, Rydal – Preparation works complete. Awaiting sealing dates from contractor.
  • Read Avenue Lane, Lithgow – Preparation work complete. Awaiting sealing dates from contractor.
  • Stewart Street, Lithgow – Sealing works are due be undertaken between 17-20 April.
  • Ridge Street, Portland – Preparation work complete. Awaiting dates for sealing.

Rural grading works

  • Dunville Loop, Capertee Valley – Grading work will continue.
  • Turon Road – Work expected to be completed by the end of April/early May.
  • Red Hill Rd – work expected to be completed by the end of April.

Sealed road works

  • Baaners Lane, Hartley – work will commence on road failures.
  • Coxs River Road, Hartley – work will continue on Coxs River Road with some remedial works occurring in Cranbrook Park Road.

Pothole patching

  • Pothole works will continue with as many teams as available utilising the NSW Governments Pothole Grant.

Browns Gap

  • Mines Subsidence works are due to commence.   Further assessments on rectification works to be undertaken.

Note: All work is dependent upon weather conditions and contractor availability.