Did you know that healthy shade trees in an urban landscape benefits mental health, improve air quality and can reduce daytime heat by up to 10 degrees Celsius?

National Tree Day is Sunday 30 July and National Schools Tree Day is Friday 28 July. Since 1998 the event has seen 26 Million trees planted across Australia.

Lithgow City Council and Lithgow Oberon Landcare are dedicated to planting a lot more trees across Lithgow throughout the year to improve local amenity and wildlife habitat.

July and August are great times of the year to plant bare rooted fruit trees in preparation for Spring. While native plants usually prefer being planted in Spring.

Lithgow City Council currently has a tree planting program across the district which will greatly improve the amenity of local town centres. The first street targeted by this program has been Mort Street, Lithgow, with an array of ‘mop tops’ being replaced with flowering, deciduous crepe myrtle. While looking fantastic, these will also reduce yearly maintenance requirements.

Lithgow Oberon Landcare have community planting days coming up in August, September and October as part of the Farmers Creek Masterplan to create shade trees and wildlife corridors. For more information see their Facebook page or contact Local Landcare Coordinator Steven Fleischmann steven.fleischmann@lithgow.nsw.gov.au

Come along to a community-based tree planting day throughout the year to connect with your community and connect with nature.

National Tree Day (planetark.org)