Ordinary Meeting of Council

Monday 24 May 2021 at 7pm in the Council Chambers, 180 Mort Street, Lithgow.


From 26 March 2021, Councils will once again permit members of the public to attend meetings in person, subject to the requirements of any Public Health Order in force at the time and social distancing requirements. Councils can limit the number of members of the public attending meetings to comply with the Public Health Order and to ensure appropriate social distancing.

To comply with the new requirements, the following rules for public attendance at Council meetings will apply:

  • From the 26 April meeting, limited public attendance at Council meetings will be permitted.
  • To ensure appropriate social distancing, up to ten members of the public will be allowed to attend each Council meeting, on a “first to arrive” basis.
  • An additional five public attendance places will be reserved for public forum speakers.
  • The maximum number of public attendees at each Council meeting will be set at fifteen during the transition period (i.e. pending any further advice from the OLG).

The public can register to address Council at www.council.lithgow.com/addressing-council, by 12 noon, Monday 24 May 2021. There is an option to address Council by lodging a written submission. 

Those registered to address council will speak first in order of registration. If anyone wishes to address council from the gallery the remaining public forum positions will be allocated on the night.

The meeting will be live streamed at council.lithgow.com/live-stream