It’s Our Place, Our Future – Have Your Say!

Apr 27, 2022

​It’s Our Place, Our Future – Have Your Say!

Lithgow City Council invites you to help define how we, as a community want to grow into the future.

Council’s Integrated Planning Framework brings plans and strategies together in a way that supports a clear vision for the future and provides an agreed roadmap for delivering our community’s priorities and aspirations. While council has lead the planning process, it is a journey we have undertaken in close consultation with our community and elected representatives. Strategic objectives have been set, following community consultation informing the suite of documents which make up the Integrated Planning Framework. 

  • Draft Our Place, Our Future Community Strategic Plan 2035
  • Draft Combined 2022-2026 Delivery Program and 2022/23 Operational Plan
  • Draft Long Term Financial Plan 2022-2032
  • Draft Strategic Asset Management Plan 2022-2032
  • Draft Workforce Management Strategy 2022-2026

The Our Place, Our Future suite of documents will be on exhibition for public comment until Wednesday 25 May.  All community submissions received will be reported to Council (personal information will be redacted) for consideration as part of the final report to adopt the Integrated Planning Framework in June 2022.