Plastic Free July started in Australia and is now a global movement helping people to be part of the solution to the problem of plastic pollution.

Plastic Free July doesn’t require people to be completely plastic free during July but only asks that they challenge themselves to reduce some of the plastic used for a month. At the end of the month, people might find they can continue to replace some of the plastic used with alternatives.

Plastic is a problem because much of it cannot be recycled, it is light so easily blows away as litter and plastic doesn’t go away after it enters the environment. Plastic in the environment breaks down into tiny pieces of plastic called microplastic. Microplastics contaminate the water and soil and can enter the food chain, ending up in our food too.

Taking note of the plastic used for a day or a week and then finding an easy-to-use alternative for even one of the regularly used plastics can be a great way to start reducing the use of plastic.

When it comes to fixing waste problems, the little things people do make a big difference. Every little bit of plastic waste reduced is part of the solution to plastic pollution.

For more information and tips to reduce plastic use, visit Plastic Free July at: