Fixing Country Bridges Program

Charles St Bridge

Charles Street, Rydal and Red Hill Road, Upper Turon

Lithgow City Council has received funding from the NSW Government’s Fixing Country Bridges program to replace two timber bridges within the LGA, one at Charles Street, Rydal, and the other on Red Hill Road at Upper Turon.

These timber bridges have reached the end of their useful life and will be replaced with reinforced concrete structures. The replacement of these bridges will result in the following benefits:

  • Improved safety and reliability.
  • Reduced maintenance costs, with new structures designed for 100-year life
  • Increased fire resistance, providing ongoing access in the event of bushfire.

Works are currently in the planning stage and information regarding work dates will be updated on this webpage once dates are known.

Single-lane detours will be constructed parallel to the existing bridges to ensure continuity of access.

Charles St Bridge

Location of bridge at Charles St, Rydal

Location of bridge at Red Hill Road, Upper Turon

Council appreciates the community’s patience during these works. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Council on (02) 6354 9999.

Media Release – Council Continues to Fix Country Bridges

02 April 2024

After a long life, the Charles Street Bridge which has been serving the Rydal community for over seventy years is being replaced with a brand-new concrete alternative.

The current wooden bridge, which crosses Solitary Creek and connects properties west of the bridge to the rest of the community.

The Council has awarded Central Industries the contract for the demolition and reconstruction of the Bridge. The project links to a series of works to replace country bridges across the city. The Council has already replaced three timber bridges with dual-lane concrete bridges along Glen Davis Road over the past two years at Airly, Coco and Crown Creeks.

The NSW Government’s Fixing Country Bridges program was established to identify and replace wooden bridges which are nearing the end of their useful life and replacing them with concrete alternatives. This not only ensures the safety of motorists on our local roads, but also reduces expenditure on continually repairing outdated bridges.

Lithgow City Mayor Maree Statham said, “The replacement of outdated wooden bridges will dramatically improve the driving experience of the residents who live in our villages and open up new opportunities for visitors using our roads to explore the Seven Valleys region.”

The replacement of the Charles Street Bridge is expected to commence in June and the bridge will be open in late 2024. While construction takes place a temporary bridge will be placed on adjacent properties on the north side of the bridge to serve as a detour. This temporary bridge will be weight rated up to 15 tonnes which will allow larger trucks including the Council waste service truck to access the road.

Project Update 4 March 2024 – Charles St Bridge

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council, held 26th February 2024, Council resolved to award the contract for the replacement of the Charles St. bridge to a local construction company, Central Industries, who recently successfully completed the replacement of three timber bridges on Glen Davis Road.

Central Industries has proposed a design that includes an option for coloured concrete and handrails, which will tie in with the bridge’s rural setting. The community will be consulted further once the design phase commences.

At this stage, it is envisioned that site works will commence in mid-2024. A project update will be provided once firm dates are confirmed.