Lithgow City Council is promoting the Love Food Hate Waste website which has great recipes, meal planning hints and food storage tips for the festive season.

While no one wants to waste food, the holiday period can often get busy with activities and events and a lot of food can end up in the bin.

Visit the ‘Top storage tips for Christmas’ on the Love Food Hate Waste website at

In addition to storing food carefully, these simple planning steps help minimise household food waste:

  • Buying just enough by remembering to take a shopping list.
  • Cooking just enough instead of over preparing food.
  • Allowing family and guests to serve themselves to suit their appetites.
  • Using food up and encouraging guests to bring reusable containers so that you can easily share leftovers.
  • Storing leftovers correctly and using the freezer to keep food longer.
  • Searching online for recipes to use leftovers, sharing ideas with family and friends and remembering to visit Love Food Hate Waste for more food saving tips and great recipes at