The re-development of the former Portland Cement Works, now known as The Foundations, reached an important milestone this week with Lithgow City Council adopting a site-specific Development Control Plan to guide the future development of the site.

The Plan provides for a target of 350 new dwellings to be delivered over six stages in addition to residential accommodation provided in future mixed-use developments. A feature of this Plan is that it provides for flexibility and innovation to implement the place-led Masterplan for the site whilst ensuring that good quality design outcomes are met.

The Plan, developed in association with the developers The Foundations Portland, delivers on Council’s commitment to encourage a diverse range of housing choice including the smaller housing types not currently widely represented in the district.  The housing diversity at The Foundations will include the more conventional rural lifestyle lots and, traditional detached housing but will also include smaller cottage housing, narrow terraces as well as secondary dwellings or studios above garages.

“Council is excited to see the planning framework is now in place to facilitate future development of the site and looks forward to seeing the site transform over the coming years” said Mayor Statham.

This plan provides for the development to be supported by well-located and designed public open space including around the existing lakes and a street network that prioritises pedestrian movement over cars.

“Council and The Foundations group are thinking outside the box for this discrete site, breaking away from traditional types of housing development to provide for a new mixed-use village with liveable and distinct neighbourhoods each with their own identity focussed around a local public space” said General Manager Craig Butler.

The Plan will allow for the continued connectivity of the site to the town of Portland through public access to the recreational areas around the Millpond and the significant heritage features of the site.