Lithgow City Council is undertaking road asset condition assessments on all roads in the Lithgow Local Government Area.

Works are expected to commence late in October, with the infield assessment of all roads expected to be finished by mid-December.

The Council’s focus is on a safe, accessible, affordable, and sustainable road network. The data captured will be used to identify and prioritise works programs and maintenance road repairs.

The assessment is undertaken using data captured by equipment mounted on a vehicle. It assesses both sealed and unsealed roads, including the road surface and shoulder edges.

The system captures high-definition images every 10 metres, GPS location data, and surface roughness data to electronically produce a condition rating for Council’s assets.  As the survey vehicle travels at the same speed as normal traffic, there are no disruptions to residents and motorists anticipated.  Due to the unusual appearance of the vehicle, motorists may notice the vehicle travelling along local roads.

Further information on this project can be obtained by contacting Council’s Transport Manager, Paul Creelman on (02) 6354 9999 or emailing during business hours.