Development Proposal – Proposed Modification to DA245/13

Jan 12, 2023

Development Proposal – MODDA 052/22 – Proposed modification to DA245/13 subdivision into 61 lots- Amendments of conditions & lot layout – Lot 72 DP 1282868 – Great Western Highway Bowenfels NSW  2790

Council has received the abovementioned development application from Valley View Marrangaroo Pty Ltd relating to land located near your property.  The development proposed is a Modification to approved DA245/13 at Lot 72 DP 1282868 – Great Western Highway Bowenfels requesting the following: 

  • Modification to change the lot configuration with the addition of 4 more allotments being a subdivision of 1 Lot into 65 Lots. See attached documentation for reference:
  1. Current approved lot layout and
  2. Proposed Modification Lot Layout
  • Modification to allow relocating of electricity and telecommunications and removing the additional emergency access via the level crossing at the south.
  • Modification to technical requirements of sewer services and contributions.
  • Modification requesting the bridge & intersection upgrades be completed prior to Subdivision Certificate release rather than prior to Construction Certificate release prior to subdivision works.
  • Modification to road construction standards and technical requirements.


The application and plans are available for public inspection at Council’s Environment & Development Department, in the Council Administration Centre, 180 Mort Street, Lithgow, free of charge, during office hours for a period of 21 days until 3 February 2023.

During this period any person may inspect the plans and make a written submission on the proposal quoting Council’s file reference, Development Application No MODDA052/22.  All submissions received during this period will be taken into consideration prior to Council’s determination of the application.


By making a submission to this plan Council may make public details of your submission, which are not of a personal nature. Should you not wish details of your submission to be disclosed you should include a clear statement to this effect in your submission. Under these circumstances Council will consider your request and may not publically release a copy.

Council will only consider the release of personal information in compliance with the General Information Public Access Act, 2009 (GIPA Act 2009).