Lake Pillans Upgrades

Aug 16, 2023

Public Exhibition Lake Pillans Upgrades

Lithgow City Council is seeking public comment on plans for the upgrade of Lake Pillans Wetlands.

Proposed works include:

  • Constructing two asphalt pavement carparks with parking for 20 vehicles including 4 accessible carparking spaces
  • Widening existing concrete pathways to pedestrian/cycle path standard where achievable.
  • Pathway gradient improvements for accessibility.
  • Landscaping works.
  • Solar powered lighting.

Purpose of the Works

There is currently unrestricted vehicle access to Lake Pillans wetlands and no accessible parking. Vehicles are regularly driven into the wetlands reserve causing damage and making it unsafe for other users.

Construction of the new carparks and associated sandstone log barriers along Wetlands Way to prevent vehicle entry, aim to make it safer and more accessible for visitors, while still allowing people to enjoy the wetlands. The works also aim to reduce anti-social nighttime behaviour that disturbs nearby residents.

Construction of accessible pathways from the new carpark aim to make it safer and more accessible for older people and people with disabilities to enjoy the wetlands.

Widening of pathways to pedestrian/cycle path standard will connect the Farmers Creek shared pathway network to Blast Furnace via Lake Pillans.

Smart solar powered lighting will open the wetlands for night visitation. Designed to minimize light pollution and disturbance to wildlife, the lighting will default to autonomous dimming mode throughout the night and will switch to illumination mode only during the approach and departure of a pedestrian.  

Lake Pillans Wetlands is enjoyed by many members of the community for walking, cycling, fishing and picnicking. Sitting adjacent to the Blast Furnace industrial heritage ruins, Lake Pillans forms part of the Farmers Creek recreational precinct shared path network that extends from Lake Pillans west for approximately 6 kilometres. Many visitors to Lithgow spend time at Lake Pillans, Blast Furnace and Farmers Creek. This project will improve the amenity, safety and health of the community and visitors who will be able to visit and enjoy the wetlands without disturbance from vehicles. Older people and people with disabilities will benefit from the accessible parking and accessible pathways.

Please forward your written comments by email to Council at by Friday 15 September 2023.  

For further information contact Matthew Johnson, Manager Community and Culture on 6354 9999

Lake PIllans Plans

Detailed plans of the proposed works for Lake Pillans.