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The application cut-off date for Stage 2 of the Lithgow Local Heritage Grants has been extended until the 2 December 2022

Lithgow Local Heritage Grants 2022

The Lithgow Local Heritage Grants has been proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Lithgow City Council. The purpose of the fund is to provide financial assistance with the maintenance and conservation of locations and buildings with heritage values.

If your property is identified as a Heritage Item under the Lithgow Local Environmental Plan 2014, you may be eligible to apply for financial assistance under part of Stage 2 of the grant program.

Stage 2 of the grant program will be open for submissions between the 14 October 2022 until the 2 December 2022.

​What Projects Are Eligible?

Stage 2 of the Lithgow Local Heritage Grants is available for all buildings identified as Heritage listed under Schedule 5 of the Lithgow Local Environmental Plan 2014.

Projects which can seek exemption(s) to Development Approval under Clause 5.10(3) of the Lithgow Local Environmental Plan 2014 or are considered exempt under the Exempt and Complying Codes SEPP 2008 will only be considered for funding.

Examples of works that can be applied for using this grant include re-painting of older homes/buildings or fences in addition to repairing structural damage to walls, verandahs or windows.

​How Can I Apply for An Exemption Under Clause 5.10(3)?

The majority of proposed works done to a heritage item will require development consent which must be granted by Council prior to works proceeding.

Under Clause 5.10(3) of the Lithgow Local Environmental Plan 2014, Development Consent may not be required where:

(a)  the applicant has notified the consent authority of the proposed development and the consent authority has advised the applicant in writing before any work is carried out that it is satisfied that the proposed development—

(i)  is of a minor nature or is for the maintenance of the heritage item, Aboriginal object, Aboriginal place of heritage significance or archaeological site or a building, work, relic, tree or place within the heritage conservation area, and

(ii)  would not adversely affect the heritage significance of the heritage item, Aboriginal object, Aboriginal place, archaeological site or heritage conservation area, or

(b)  the development is in a cemetery or burial ground and the proposed development—

(i)  is the creation of a new grave or monument, or excavation or disturbance of land for the purpose of conserving or repairing monuments or grave markers, and

(ii)  would not cause disturbance to human remains, relics, Aboriginal objects in the form of grave goods, or to an Aboriginal place of heritage significance, or

(c)  the development is limited to the removal of a tree or other vegetation that the Council is satisfied is a risk to human life or property, or

(d)  the development is exempt development.

To apply for an exemption from having to submit a Development Application using Clause 5.10(3), you will need to write to Council at Council@lithgow.nsw.gov.au PRIOR to submitting your grant application. Please attention the letter to ‘Development Assessment’ and provide the following information:

  1. The address of the property; and
  2. The scope of the works being applied for in as much detail as possible; and
  3. How your proposed works will not adversely affect the heritage significance of the item.

How Much Funding Can I Receive?

Grants awarded under the program can receive funding up to a maximum of $2,000 dollars per property. Funding through the grant is awarded at a dollar-for-dollar rate (i.e., a project quoted for $4,000 may apply for the maximum of $2,000).

Multiple projects can be applied for under the grant for one property but cannot exceed the maximum funding allocation per property.

The total funding pool allocated to Program 2 of the Heritage Grants is $10,000.

How To Apply

Applicants are required to fill out the Application Form and submit a copy to Council by 5pm on the 2 December 2022.

Council strongly encourages potential applicants to read the Grant Guidelines  prior to completing the application form.

Due to limited funding, Council will award grants to projects which closely align with the goals of the program and that are achievable within the program’s timeframe.

Please ensure that you have provided all documentation as required by the application form when submitting your application.


If you require further information, please contact Council’s Strategic Planning Department on 02 6354 9999 or email at Council@lithgow.nsw.gov.au


A Heritage Item consists of a place or object that demonstrates the values of previous generations for the benefit or newer generations. To find out if your property is listed as a heritage item, please use the Department of Planning and Environment’s ePlanning Spatial Viewer and follow the steps below:

  1. Type in your address in the box located in the top left corner and select your address in the drop-down box. This should take you to your property.
  2. In the layers box below where you entered your address, click on the tab labelled ‘Principal Planning Layers’ which should open another drop-down box.
  3. Click on the tab labelled ‘Heritage’ which should open another drop-down box below.
  4. Look for a heading called ‘Heritage Map’ and click on the box located on the left side of the text.
  5. If your property is covered by a brown box, then it has been identified as a heritage item under the Lithgow Local Environmental Plan 2014.