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Pensioner Concession Rebates

Eligible pensioners are able to get concessions on their Ordinary Rates, Domestic Waste Management Service, Water and Waste Water (Sewer) Charges. 

Eligible ratepayers are entitled to receive up to:

  • $250.00 on ordinary rates and charges for domestic waste management services
  • $87.50 off annual water rates and charges
  • $87.50 off annual sewerage rates and charges

Eligibility Criteria

Holders of the cards listed below are eligible for the concession:

  • Holders of a Pensioner Concession Card (PCC)
  • Holders of a gold card embossed with ‘TPI’ (Totally Permanently Incapacitated)
  • Holders of a gold card embossed with MRCA (Military Rehabilitation Compensation Act)
  • Holders of a gold card embossed with ‘EDA’ (Extreme Disablement Adjustment)
  • War widow or widower or wholly dependent partner entitled to the DVA income support supplement.

If you have become an eligible pensioner since the issue of your last rates notice, the concession will apply proportionately to the number of full quarters remaining in the financial year. 

Rebate applications must be returned in person to us at the Council Administration Office, 180 Mort Street LITHGOW.

Each individual pensioner must complete an application form and, accept/sign the declaration and authority, and authorises the consent for Council to check the applicant’s initial and ongoing eligibility using the Centrelink confirmation portal.

Please ensure that you bring your Pensioner Concession or Veterans’ Affairs Pension card along when lodging your form so that it can be sighted by the Customer Service representative who assists you.

Please note: If you are a War Widow or Widower or wholly dependent partner but do not have a Pensioner Concession Card, you should contact the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) to test your eligibility.

Eligibility is determined by an income and assets test.

Visit Department of Veterans’ Affairs website or call 1800 555 254 further information.

Download the Pensioner Concession Application Form below.