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Rates & Charges Payment Assistance

Late payments and interest charges

If the amount due is not paid on or before the due date, interest will be charged on any amount owing. The interest rate is set annually by the Office of Local Government. The interest rate for 2021-22 is 6% per annum charged daily.

Lithgow City Council will endeavour to send reminder notices to owners if the rates become overdue, however, due to increasing postage and printing costs, it is appreciated if you could advise Council if you are unable to pay the instalment amount by the due date to ensure you do not receive the Final Notice.

Payment Arrangements or extensions

If you need extra time to pay please contact Council to discuss your situation and make alternative arrangements. It is best that you contact us as soon as possible before the rates are due. Usual arrangements include an extension of time to a certain date or a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment.

You can contact Council to make an arrangement by:

Telephone: Council on (02) 6354 9999

or completing the form on this page.

Overdue Rates and Recovery Action

Where an account is overdue for an extended period of time, Lithgow City Council may take legal action to enforce and recover the overdue amount, which will incur additional costs payable by the property owner. Such action may also affect the owner’s credit file.

If you have received a legal notice from Council, it is important to contact Council immediately to discuss an alternative payment arrangement to avoid this legal action taking place. If you are facing financial hardship, Council by arrangement can allow you time to deal with your situation, but we are unable to remove any additional costs or remove details from your credit file if you do not inform us before the action has commenced.

Hardship Policy

A debtor who cannot pay a debt due to Council for the reason of financial hardship can apply for assistance at any time.

Each individual case will be considered on its merits. The criteria for assessment is contained in the Hardship Application form, attachment 1, including but not limited to, the following:

  • The amount of any rate increase when compared to the average rate increase for the rate category
  • Income from all sources
  • Living expenses
  • Reason for financial hardship
  • Length of occupancy

The assistance provided will be determined under the legal requirements of the Local Government Act 1993.

Payment Arrangements

Payment Arrangements

Complete form to request payment arrangements.

Customer Details

Property Details

Requested Arrangement Details

Privacy and Personal Information Protection Notice

By completion of this form you may be providing Council with personal information. Council will collect the information only for a lawful purpose directly related to the function of Council. Information provided to Council may be used in conjunction with any of Council’s business operations. We will take reasonable care not to disclose personal information. Exempt documents may come under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.
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