Registration requirements for pets

All dogs and cats over the age of six months are required by the Companion Animals Act to be registered. Dog registrations are transferable from one Council area to another within the State of New South Wales.

How to lifetime register your dog

Lifetime registration can be done at Council’s administration Centre.

You will require the following documentation when lifetime registering your pet:

  • A certificate of microchipping or a letter from your vet
  • Proof of desexing from your vet or a statutory declaration
  • Any documents which entitle you to a discount i.e. pensioner card
  • Payment of the fee

The fees for companion animals’ registration for 2020/21 are;

Dog – Desexed by relevant age$60.00
Dog – Desexed by relevant age eligible pensioner$26.00
Dog – Not Desexed or Desexed after relevant age $216.00
Dog – Not Desexed – recognised breeder$60.00
Cat – Desexed or Not Desexed$50.00
Cat – Eligible Pensioner$26.00