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How to sell or rehome a cat or dog in NSW

Make sure your cat or dog is microchipped

In NSW, you must microchip your cat or dog before it is 12 weeks old or before you sell it (whichever happens first). Some exemptions apply.

Make sure your cat or dog is registered

You also need to register dogs by the time they are six months old, and cats by the time they are four months old. Once you have paid the registration fee, the animal will have lifetime registration, even if ownership changes.

You can register your cat or dog:

  • online with the NSW Pet Registry
  • online with Service NSW
  • in person at a Service NSW Centre or the Lithgow City Council Administration office.

Consider desexing your cat or dog

Consider desexing your cat or dog prior to selling or giving it away. Desexing can help avoid some unwanted diseases and behaviours and stops unwanted litters. Lithgow City Council will give you a discounted registration fee if your animal is desexed. To find out more, please contact Council.

 Advertise it for sale using an identification number

From 1 July 2019, you need to include an identification number is any advertisements when you sell or give away a cat or dog. This rule applies regardless of:

  • the age of the animal
  • the place you plan to advertise
  • whether you are a hobby or professional breeder; or your cat or dog has had an accidental or one-off litter
  • whether or not you bred the animal
  • whether or not the animal you are selling or rehoming has been born yet.

If you don’t use an identification number, or you falsify a number, you could be issued with an on-the-spot fine or face court, where a maximum penalty of $5,500 applies.

Make sure ownership is transferred

When you are happy you have found a good home for your cat or dog, you need to transfer the ownership to the person buying or adopting your pet.  It is important that you check that this has been done and the person has accepted ownership. More information about changing ownership can be obtained by contacting Council’s Customer Service Officers.