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International Women’s Day

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, a group of local women who are succeeding in male dominated industries were asked for their thoughts around being a woman and what it has been like for them to experience working in these traditionally make dominated workplaces.


Please scroll to the videos below to learn more about these inspirational women.

Dr Jane Aitkin is a soil scientist, environmental scientist and a local business owner.

Jillian Auld is a local mine geologist and geotechnical engineer.

Councilor Cassandra Coleman has been on Lithgow City Council for 5 years.  Cassandra also represents women in Government as President of the Local Government Women’s Association NSW.

Harrie Fasher  is a talented local artist and sculptor

Councilor Deanna Goodsell has been on Lithgow City Council for 5 years.  Deanna is also a well known local educator.


Kell Hamilton is a local electrical engineer, project manager and musician.

Karren Jamieson is the Manager of Club Lithgow.

Ally Shelton IT Manager at Lithgow City Council. Ally is the only woman on the Executive Leadership team at Council.

Cr Maree Statham is a local Councillor of 9 years, and local business owner.