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Domestic Waste & Recycling

What is the service?

The domestic service includes the weekly collection of 240 litre mobile garbage bins for waste and a separate 240 litre mobile garbage bin for recycling that is collected every other week.

Positioning Bins: Your mobile garbage bin should be placed:

  • on a flat surface, close to the kerb, at your normal collection point. 
  • with the bin parallel with the road and wheels closest to your house.
  • clear of trees and overhead obstructions.
Recycling reference

 Items NOT to go in your red lidded bin

  • Hot Ashes
  • Heavy Objects e.g. car parts
  • Building materials & rubble
  • Paint or flammable liquids
  • Tree stumps or rocks
  • Corrosive materials
  • Sand or garden soil

Service Days

For the Lithgow City area, please view Garbage Routes Map

For other areas:

  • Monday – Clarence and Dargan
  • Tuesday – Rydal, Portland, Cullen Bullen, Capertee and Marrangaroo
  • Thursday – Wallerawang and Lidsdale
  • Friday – Hartley and South Bowenfels

Garbage route map

Further recycling information

Quick reference guide