Lithgow Solid Waste Facility 2018/19 Fees and Charges

Lithgow Solid Waste Facility only accepts waste generated within the Lithgow Local Government Area

 Note: There is no charge for domestic/household solid waste (excluding asbestos, mattresses and tyres) from residents of the Lithgow LGA.

Item 2018/19 Fee
(inc GST)
Mixed waste (per tonne) $95.70
Green waste (per tonne) $74.00
Soil (per tonne) $48.50
Cover material (certified ENM/VENM) (per tonne)* Free
Asbestos or other supervised burial (per tonne)* $177.00
Tyres –car (each) $5.00
Tyres –truck/tractor (each) $25.00
Mattresses (each) $10.00

Liquid waste - Lithgow Solid Waste Facility does not accept liquid waste.

Hazardous waste - Lithgow Solid Waste Facility does not accept hazardous waste. Council runs an annual Household Chemical Cleanout service (typically October each year) for domestic/household chemicals. Details are posted on the Lithgow Council website prior to each collection day.

* ENM = Excavated natural material
*VENM = Virgin excavated natural  material

* Asbestos waste is accepted by prior arrangement only by contacting Council's Waste Management Contractor on (02) 6351 2486.

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